RadioRaft screen shots

This is examples of RadioRaft printing of screens. In order to protect the secret of radio communications and private life, according to the French law, the content of the screens is not a carbon copy of real transmissions (except for some as NAVTEX). Nevertheless it is an image of what you may expect to view.

navtex1.gif (12297 octets)


dgps.gif (16538 octets)


arqe3-1.gif (11941 octets)


cw.gif (20207 octets)

acars1.gif (13356 octets)


swedarq.gif (16459 octets)


pocsag.gif (18629 octets)

rumfec2.gif (14635 octets)


sitorb2.gif (17206 octets)


digit.gif (19291 octets)